Body Building

Strength Training with free weights, better for sports and life!

Men's Fitness

body building

At Steve's Gym, with Men's Fitness programme, we are changing lives by improving the fitness and health of men. We make our  clients accountable. They are successful men, generally with their personal and professional lives in check... but NOT their health and fitness. Our Men's fitness programme was developed to offer clients No Hype, Just Results.

We are all about getting men back into the game. For most of our members, it's been a life changing experience. It has transformed lives. From being an overweight, out of shape, zero energy, home hermit to an athletic, high energy man who is fully engaged in living life again.  Our programme is specifically designed for men and we have created an environment conducive to men.

The gym facilities are suitable for novice or pro bodybuilders heavy duty weights and full size Olympic size bars.  Most stations are also equipped with mirrors to help improve technique and motivate for an intense workout. Our large fitness room is available for group activities, private use or club meetings.

One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life
Edward B. Butler

Body Building at Steve's Gym

It is our goal at the Steve's Gym to provide a professional training environment for fitness enthusiast of all levels. We have a wide selection of free weights, benches, strength machines and cardio equipment. For the beginner our staff can assist in getting you started in your fitness program. With a relaxed atmosphere you can progress at your own pace, making training enjoyable not a chore. We will support our advanced trainers in any way we can, ensuring maximum results from every training session and assisting with those monster weights!

Our large assortment of dumbbells range from 1 to a massive 50Kg. With duplicate weights you won’t have to break your routine by not having the desired weight available.  We have numerous benches and bars to suit all weights and exercises and our large Fitness Studio is available for those who need a little extra space to train.

More intense techniques can be used to promote muscle growth and by using the secrets of Hypertrophy a person can achieve a perfect athletic physique.

body building