Steve’s Foundation

A foundation for Social Upliftment through Sports and Fitness


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Challenges more than million young people to give up
Smoking, Drugs, Drinking and other bad habits every year



A project for School Dropouts and Underprivileged



A project for Slum Transformation Program



For Students in Crises


Our Passion is to Make the World Fit for Him


Steve's Foundation

A foundation for Social Upliftment through Sports and Fitness

Steve's Foundation is a sister, not-for-profit, concern of Steve's Gym.   It was started in January 2001 by Stephen S.D (STEVE) to answer the need for state-of-the-art fitness training facilities in the country, in particular for youth.

Steve's Sports and Fitness Foundation (SSFF) believes that for attaining excellence in sports and athletics, the foundation needs to be laid in the growing years. SSFF therefore has the youth of the world as its core concern. However, SSFF also caters to 'the young at heart'- people of various age groups, including senior citizens who believe that physical fitness has a tremendous role to play in our sense of well-being.

Fitness training and sports training are also seen as entry points for motivating and supporting youth in distress, on alcohol, drugs or with family problems or illness.

What the POWER TEAM has been doing through occasional performances, SSFF will undertake in a planned manner i.e., through spectacular and heart-stirring physical feats and discussions thereafter which will raise awareness about AIDS, alcoholism, family problems among the public in general and young people in particular. SSFF proposes to back these with counseling services for young people in distress and build their confidence, leadership and self-reliance through fitness activities, prayer and fellowship.

To enable this dream become a reality, SSFF's own Sports Complex is coming up very near Bangalore city. It promises to be unique in the history of fitness training facilities in India and perhaps Asia.

The 5-acre complex of SSFF will have facilities for providing fitness training for athletics and various sports and games including swimming. There will be a fully equipped multi-gym facility with many stations, a running track, a swimming pool, playing courts for Tennis, Hockey, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, a Gymnastics hall, etc. It will offer training for youth for competitive events at local/state/national levels, hold summer camps, organize POWER TEAM demonstrations in various venues, both in India and abroad.

It will be open to individuals who want to avail of the facilities for recreation and renewal. A hostel to accommodate 100 and a cafeteria to cater to 200 at a time will also be located on the complex. As the spiritual needs of people are as important as the physical, there will also be a prayer hall, a meditation room, and a chapel on the premises.

  • The Power Team

    Tough times don't last but tough people do

    The Power Team is a team of fifteen young people who are committed, dedicated and God fearing.  The team's epitome & zeal is to create an impact in Changing lives and ensuring people to live in perfect health, peace and harmony.

    Motivating people to channelise their potential into productivity. Aiming to focus their minds towards love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, fidelity, gentleness self-control. Replacing harmful habits like smoking, drug abuse, sexual immorality, impurity, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, envy, drunkenness and orgies into a transformed life style of pride and a glorious feeling of achievement.

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  • How can you help us?

    You can help us in multiple ways!


    You can provide us manpower to our Power Team to perform, plan, organize, co-ordinate and control events (city-wise)


    You can provide materials such as tiles, bricks, ice blocks, steel bars, plywood boards, telephone directories, hot water bags etc. to our Power Team for practice and performance.


    You can donate to our foundation to arrange for Man Power and Materials for our Power Team.

    Word of Mouth

    Last, but not least! All we need is encouraging word of mouth to keep us going and please don't forget to spread the word around!



  • Donate!

    You can donate as low as Rs. 100/- to sponsoring a whole Power Team event.

    Please click here to contact us regarding cash and cheque payments.